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Tales from the Reading Room:

About Our Host

Reverend Gillian Edwards is an ordained Spiritualist Minister living and working in Toronto, Canada.

Gillian was first exposed to meditation and healing in the early 80’s by her paternal grandmother. She trained in healing and meditation for several years and was then introduced to the School of Healing and Philosophy in the late 90’s where she studied to become a minister and a medium. In 2000, she was ordained with the Fellowship of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York and then again in 2019 with the Spiritualist Church of Canada in Toronto, Ontario.


Rev. Edwards holds a day job in education, and has worked in the television and communications industry for over 25 years.  In addition to that, Gillian is a practising Medium, doing public demonstrations, lectures and teaching a variety of classes on meditation, mediumship and healing.

Why this podcast?


“The Purpose of creating this podcast was to demystify mediumship and pull back the curtain to expose the true healing effects and benefits which mediumship can provide. Mediumship is not a parlour trick. It is an intimate relationship between the Medium, Spirit and the recipient. 


"I have witnessed how a loving, spirit-lead message can change a person’s life in one sitting with a Medium. All of a sudden, a burden lifted, an old hurt is removed or forgiven, a big ah-ha moment occurs, and the world can be a much more beautiful place. A client is uplifted and walks away with a true healing.”

- Reverend Edwards

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